Bespoke research solutions
to uncover human insights

Helping senior leaders innovate, test ideas,
and better understand their customer

Clear insights to

make informed decisions  align leadership teams  move you forward drive change innovate  understand your customer  

Clear insights to make informed decisions  align leadership teams  move you forward drive change innovate  understand your customer  

Are you ready to make strategic decisions without the guesswork?

Hi there, we’re The Curious Co, an insights and strategy consultancy

We’re a team of seasoned researchers and strategists obsessed with unlocking clear insights.

Together, we’re passionate about bringing the customer voice to executive decision-making. Our experience shows that desktop research, anecdotal accounts, and big data alone can’t answer the ‘why’ behind a customer’s deeper drivers and motivations. We’re about uncovering thoughts, feelings, and emotions – gaining human insights.

We’ve made it our mission to help senior leaders base their decisions on human intelligence, allowing human insights to drive strategy. We do what we do so that senior teams can be aligned on their priorities and effectively fuel growth and innovation.  

Our Services


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Innovation Sessions

We run co-creation sessions with experts to generate ideas for the development of new services and products. The results inform your strategic innovation efforts.
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Concept +
Product Testing

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Concept + Product Testing

We collect consumer feedback on your ideas, concepts, or prototypes through focus groups, mini-groups, in-depth interviews, or other stakeholder sessions. Insights from consumers inform you on how to best develop and shape new products and services.
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Customer Experience

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experience research

We undertake CX and path to purchase research to understand drivers and motivations throughout the customer journey, from awareness, evaluation, consideration, adoption, and to retention. We map your internal process against the lived experience customers have with your brand.
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Brand +
Advertising Research

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Brand + Advertising Research

We support you and your advertising efforts by testing territories, story ideas, and finished ads to understand brand connection, engagement, and motivations. The insights help you clarify your positioning, channels, and your target market’s perspective on your brand.
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