Innovation and strategy facilitation

Guiding a team from insights to action


The Challenge

Chello’s founders engaged us to spend time with their senior leaders to:
  • Define and re-articulate the agency’s vision, mission, and how they speak about themselves, both internally and to clients;
  • Identify and solidify strategic goals for a 6-month period; and
  • Translate goals into key action points across four business units.
  • The Journey

    We facilitated a multi-phase strategic design process:
  • Immersing ourselves in existing plans
  • Pre-workshop leadership team survey
  • Agenda and activity setting
  • Facilitation of strategic thinking
  • Consolidation and feedback delivery
  • The Result

    The senior team gained renewed passion for Chello’s mission and purpose. They defined their strategic goals and articulated the action points required of their business units, along with the resources required and potential roadblocks.


    Eliane brought immense focus and energy to our off-site planning day. Our team gained renewed clarity and passion for our agency, their role within the business, and how we could work together to achieve our goals.

    She is not afraid to ask tough questions or challenge opinions, which is particularly useful at a management level. The post-report was a nicely articulated summary, and a clear action plan from the day to move forward.

    Lindsay Rogers
    Co-Founder and Managing Director, Chello

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