Brand research

A new brand identity for a disruptive healthcare provider


The Challenge

Hit100 had initially launched in 2016 as a health-tech start-up tackling diabetes with a meal delivery service and point-system diet. A few years on, they were operating more broadly as a holistic health provider. It was time to find a new brand identity and shift perceptions from food delivery to health and well-being.

The Journey

We facilitated interviews with internal customer-facing stakeholders on brand perceptions and held an internal workshop exploring the brand’s distinctives and new brand names in partnership with Chello.

The Result

We collaboratively discovered the brand essence “Better health belongs to everyone” and identified core attributes of the brand that were later expressed in the brand’s visual identity. The naming process laid the foundations for the development of the name ‘Kinela’ (in which the root word ‘kin’ speaks of kinship and togetherness, values core to the concepts of community support and wellbeing).


Eliane was a key contributor to our rebrand process. She led us through a systematic approach of discovery, bringing her industry expertise, research lens and curious mentality to the table. She helped us to see our organisation from a new perspective, challenging us to take a step back and identify the intangible attributes of our organisation. 

Her thinking helped to build a brand that has been well received by the market and that is future-proofed to meet the needs of people with disabilities, chronic health, and older Australians. I loved the energy she brought to our team and how she challenged us to think differently about our work and the people we serve.

Karn Gosh
CEO, Kinela

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