Brand research

Adapting a global brand based on APAC feedback

Shopify Plus

The Challenge

Shopify Plus sought to understand the drivers, motivations, and pain points key decision-makers across Australia / NZ and Asian markets (predominantly Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan).

The Journey

We worked with Chello, a brand and content agency to design a comprehensive research program involving in-depth interviews with internal sales team members, external implementation partners, and recently acquired merchants.

The Result

Our insights provided the APAC marketing team with clarity of the brand’s current position the market, brand messaging that will best resonate, and product feedback to adapt technologies to regional stakeholders.


The Curious Co challenged us to revisit our APAC marketing efforts. They gave us a clear picture of how our brand is perceived in the region and pain points of specific users. 

Our assumptions were tested and we changed our messaging and approach. Best of all, the insights gave us a localised perspective of the brand to share with our global brand colleagues. It backed up our local knowledge with concrete insights and gave us confidence to move forward with multiple localised brand campaigns, which were successful in the region.

Robin Marchant
Director of Marketing, APAC, Shopify Plus

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