The Curious Co Pty Ltd
Privacy Policy

The Curious Co Pty Ltd, ABN 87 623 244 995, has adopted this privacy policy about the management of personal information by us in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles under the Commonwealth Privacy Act. It is available on our website, A copy in electronic or printed form will also be sent to anyone who asks for it free of charge. 

What kinds of personal information we collect and hold 

The personal information collected and held by us will include your answers to our research. It may also include your name, date of birth, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, occupation and other details about you. You can choose not to answer any of our questions or to give us any of these details. 

How we collect and hold personal information 

We collect your personal information when you give it to us. We may also collect personal information about you provided by our clients for research purposes or third-party research suppliers we work with who have previously collected your information. We hold your personal information in encrypted form on secure servers in Australia. 

The purposes for which we collect, hold, use and disclose personal information 

The primary purpose for which we collect, hold and use your personal information is to conduct our research. We may also collect, hold and use your personal information in order to respond to your enquiries. 

We report the results of our research without identifying any individuals (unless that individual expressly consents). 

We do not disclose your personal information, except to our own contractors for internal purposes and subject to this privacy policy, or if you consent, or if required by law. 

We destroy or de-identify your personal information as soon as it is no longer required for the research or other purpose for which it was collected. 

How you can access your personal information and seek correction of it 

You can request a copy of any personal information we have about you by contacting us via our website. We will promptly give you access to your personal information, except in the limited circumstances specified in the Australian Privacy Principles. If any of your personal information is incorrect, we will correct it. 

How you can complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles and how we will deal with your complaint 

You can complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles by us by contacting us via our website. We will respond to your complaint within 14 days. 

Whether we are likely to disclose personal information to overseas recipients 

We do not disclose any personal information to overseas recipients. 


We collect data about each visit to our website for the purpose of improving users’ experience of our website.

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