How we work with leaders

There's 4 ways we deliver clarity and insights to help you move forward:


We provide bespoke research services on a project-basis using a suite of qualitative and human-centered design informed research tools.


A six-week custom insights program focusing on your most urgent customer-facing priorities. We use workshops, mini-groups and 1:1s to elicit insights.


A presentation and workshop focusing on the external trends impacting on your operating environment, to frame your strategic planning ideation.


Need an external facilitator for just a day? We guide participants through the key problem statement and provide a summary of the insights that emerge.

Did you know?

Nearly all businesses want to be data driven,
but less than a third (29%) are successful at connecting data and analytics to action*

We delivery the clarity and insights needed to help
you move forward

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Brand + Advertising Research

Qualitative research helps gauge customer resonance and engagement with your territories, story ideas, wording, formats, imagery and finished ads. Launch more effective marketing efforts and learn how to deliver the right content to the right person, at the right time and on the right channels.  

Customer Experience Research

Stakeholder interviews, online communities, and internal workshops allow you to understand how your customers are engaging, what their friction points are, and identify any gaps in their journey. This equips you with the knowledge to create a seamless customer experience at any touch point. 

Product + Service Design Research

Consumer feedback on your ideas or prototypes through research and co-creation brings the Voice of the Customer into your innovation, development, and product or service design. You gain clarity on how your concepts resonate and direct your spend.

Strategic Planning Input + Facilitation

Our director and social researcher, Eliane Miles, provides consumer trend presentations to frame strategic planning ideation. Our collaborative workshops bring the best out of your management team. The result? Inspired and engaged team members, informed about the macro trends and engaged in designing solutions for the future. 


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Here's how it works

Our Systematic Methodology


Step 1: Define 

We start by outlining the right questions that inform research design. We consider existing research and, together with you, define key knowledge gaps.


Step 2: Design 

We access our research toolbox and design the best research solution for your needs. We set the questions, recruit participants, and plan the sessions.


Step 3: Discover

We undertake the research. We moderate conversations, speak to interviewees, engage individuals in ideation, and tease out every nuance to answer what we don’t know.


Step 4. Distil

We transcribe the input, analyse the themes and document our learnings. As a team, we distil both the said and unsaid considering your unique operating environment.


Step 5: Deliver

We bring together you and your team and advise on the findings. We deliver clear, human insights to propel you forward in your decision-making.

Our Tools

Co creation ideation sessions 

Online communities 

Focus groups 


in-depth interviews

Employee interviews 

Stakeholder research 

Team workshops 

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon receiving your brief/enquiry, we will supply a research quotation and/or proposal. Upon sign-off of this proposal, we will issue you with a Statement of Works outlining all our project deliverables, a Timeline, and will assign a senior researcher to your project. We will then organise a Project Kick-Off Call with all relevant stakeholders. We will discuss your preferred ways of communicating, whether through regular WIPs (in the case of large, mixed-method projects) or email updates and quick calls (for smaller, simpler projects requiring less of your involvement). 

Projects vary in size and scope. A typical qualitative project may take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks to deliver. In rare circumstances, a simple project may be able to be completed in a shorter period of around four weeks. Equally, large qualitative projects can take as long as 4-5 months from sign-off to delivery of insights.

This all varies based on our clients’ needs. Projects are priced based on the research components undertaken and deliverables provided. For example, research sessions with consumers range anywhere from $6,500-8,000 each based on the specificity of respondents, location (virtual or in-person), and complexity of the brief.  In-depth interviews range from $1,000-$2,500 per interview depending on the length and interviewee specifications. Co-creation sessions are priced on project complexity and number of participants. Each research brief normally involves multiple sessions across location, demographic, and target audiences. 

As a boutique insights and strategy consultancy, we taken on a limited number of projects each year. As we are committed to providing senior researchers to our clients across the entire research process, it may be a number of weeks before we are able to start your project. Please let us know as soon as possible if you have a research need on the horizon so we can consider it in our workflow. 

Market and social research provides accurate and timely information on the behaviour, needs, attitudes, opinions and motivations of a population. Armed with this knowledge, businesses are able to develop products and services to meet the desires of their customers and governments can tailor policies and programs to the needs of citizens.

We are committed to securing you with a senior team member across the entire project, rather than outsourcing tasks to junior staff. Our team is intentionally comprised of senior researchers and advisors who understand business complexities and have both agency and client-side experience.  

We are a Company Partner of The Research Society. Our Director, Eliane Miles, is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. We see it as our role to stay connected to the industry and informed by the latest trends and issues impacting on Australian businesses.

The Australian market and social research industry has an effective regime of self-regulation underpinned by a range of individual and company standards. The Curious Co is a Company Partner of The Research Society, demonstrating our commitment to quality research and keeping our business compliant, skilled, and competitive. We uphold The Research Society’s Code of Professional Behaviour, guidelines for undertaking research, advice on best practice research and standards. The Research Society works closely with the Australian Government and regulators to ensure the industry adheres to relevant laws, guidelines, and industry standards.

As professional researchers we operate under a Code of Professional Behaviour which guarantees respondents the right to confidentiality. We operate under the Market and Social Research Privacy Principles that guarantee even greater levels of confidentiality and privacy than the Privacy Act. You can read our privacy policy here.

We believe businesses should be at the forefront of social change and impact! At The Curious Co, we work with a number of not-for-profit organisations and are passionate about the causes they represent, sharing their work with our networks. We give back to the Australian community is donating a portion of our business profits each year to the charities and social causes that move us. 

Hi there, we’re The Curious Co

Seasoned strategists with a strong social research flavour

Our team came together over a shared love for understanding people. Whether speaking with a recipient of home care services or a founder of a global cosmetic brand, we love listening, leaning, and learning. We love the challenge of applying what we learn to a broad range of business contexts. 

Picture you and your senior teams:

  • Aligned on key priorities based on customer feedback

  • Deploying effective marketing campaigns informed by customer need

  • Having a clear understanding of your market position compared to competitors

  • Involving your staff and industry experts in innovation

  • Inviting customers to co-design new initiatives, products and services

  • Making confident decisions informed by independent, third-party insights

Are you ready to make strategic decisions based on human insights?

As a boutique consultancy, we take on a limited number of projects each year. If you have a research need on the horizon, get in touch now to work with us.